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Review EL Salvador vs Mexico 09:05 on October 14

Review EL Salvador vs Mexico

El Salvador will return to their home ground and host the Mexican team after their defeat at home to Costa Rica on October 11th. The next match promises to be a huge challenge for the home team EL Salvador when they will now have to face a Mexico who is in the first place of the table with a performance that is being pushed up very well. high.

Mexico promises to continue to win 3 points in the next match when now the difference between the two teams is quite large. With a play that is considered the most cohesive among the teams in the current rankings, it will not be too difficult for Mexico to get 3 points to continue to stand at the top of the table in the upcoming trip away from home. .

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Recent form of EL Salvador vs Mexico

EL Salvador gave the fans a big surprise when they were able to hold off the team that was much more appreciated than them, the US in the opening match. However, their current performance is not really satisfactory when they now only have 1 win after 5 matches.

Keobong88 believes that Mexico is showing a relatively overwhelming strength in the current region. This team has been unbeaten for 5 consecutive matches and surely that number will continue to increase in the near future if this team continues to maintain a good form and spirit as it is now.

Mexico currently has 11 points with 3 wins and 2 draws after 5 matches. Mexico has always been considered by football betting experts as one of the strongest representatives in North America, and they are also regular guests at the World Cup playground when there is always a place to attend. this tournament in recent years.

Information from kqbd7m said that the home team EL Salvador is always Mexico’s delicious bait when in the last 7 times they clashed, Mexico is the team that has completely overwhelmed its opponent with all 7 victories. among them. Obviously, the present past is completely on the side of the Mexican away team.

The bookmaker thinks that from the above analysis, Mexico is completely the team that is wide open to winning in the next match. With their consecutive victories, the performance and spirit of coach Gerardo Martino’s teachers and students are very high and they are very ready for victory in the next match.

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