Even Ken Jennings was impressed by Matt Amodio’s massive Final Jeopardy! bid

Matt Amodio’s hot streak continued on “Jeopardy!” Monday, just days after supplanting James Holzauer’s place as the . And when it came time to wager on Final Jeopardy!, he decided it was better to be feared than loved when answering a question about Machiavelli.

Amodio, who had $41,800 more than the next highest contestant bid a whopping $37,000 on the last clue. The correct answer garnered him his biggest single day winnings of $83,000.

Fans were impressed with the massive wager, and even the greatest player of all time Ken Jennings took an interest in the big gamble. Jennings tweeted “Whoa,” to which Amodio repolied, “Now if only I could get that Ken Jennings smell out of the #Jeopardy winner’s podium”

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