Derek Carr ‘pissed off’ by Joey Bosa’s criticism

Joey Bosa had a less-than respectful take on Derek Carr after the Los Angeles Chargers beat the Las Vegas Raiders Monday night. 

The Chargers’ Pro Bowl pass rusher who logged a sack and two hits on the Raiders quarterback told reporters that Carr “shuts down” when defenses apply pressure. 

“We knew once we hit him a few times, he really gets shook,” Bosa told reporters. “And you saw on (Christian Covington’s) sack, he was pretty much curling into a ball before we even got back there. 

“Great dude, great player, he’s been having a great year. But we know once you get pressure on him, he kind of shuts down.”

That’s not exactly the kind of reputation NFL quarterbacks seek out. And Carr — not surprisingly — wasn’t pleased with Bosa’s take. He responded on Wednesday.

“I just thought it was unfortunate that he’d even think to say it,” Carr told reporters at Raiders practice. “Maybe he was just trying to get under my skin. Which, he did piss me off. So good job for that.”

Derek Carr #4 of the Las Vegas Raiders scrambles away from Joey Bosa #97 of the Los Angeles Chargers during a 28-14 loss to the Chargers at SoFi Stadium on October 04, 2021 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

David Carr described Joey Bosa’s commentary as “unfortunate.” (Harry How/Getty Images)

Should Carr be admitting that?

While Carr feeling that way isn’t surprising, admitting out loud that a division opponent gets under his skin is. The Raiders and Chargers — both 3-1 — face off again in Week 18 in a game that could have significant playoff stakes attached. If Bosa was confident in his ability to rattle Carr before, he’s certain of it now. 

But Carr, whose Raiders responded with 14 consecutive points after giving up a 21-0 lead, countered that early Chargers pressure actually inspired the Raiders offense. 

“He’s entitled to that opinion, saying those things, but it’s almost like he watched the game in reverse,” Carr continued. “The game that I watched, we came out and fought a little bit after they got after us a little bit upfront.”

Since the Chargers still walked away with a 28-14 win, here’s guessing Bosa’s not too moved by Carr’s counterpoint.

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