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Comments PSG vs Clermont 22:00 on September 11, Ligue 1

Identify PSG vs Clermont

Clermont is a strange name for PSG fans. This rookie team has just entered Ligue 1 for the first time. According to the bookmaker’s data released tonight, Clermont has never faced PSG in any official tournament in the past.

The only time the two teams met was in a friendly match in 2008. The data of today’s football matches showed that PSG then defeated Clermont with a score of 2-0. However, it is another PSG, still quite simple and not as formidable as the current PSG.

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This time, opposite Clermont is a powerful PSG, the team with the most expensive squad in Europe. According to ligue 1, the value of the PSG 1st team is currently up to 997.75 million euros. For comparison, the second most valuable team in Ligue 1, Monaco is only 350.9 million euros. As for Clermont, their whole team (31.25 million euros is less than a mid-range star of PSG.

nhan dinh psg vs clermont 11 9 2021

That said, the gap between the two teams is extremely large. It is much larger than the 4-point difference between the two sides on the Ligue 1 rankings at the moment. Currently, PSG is leading with 12 points after 4 matches. And Clermont is an interesting phenomenon when there are 8 points to climb to third place, above the giants like Marseille, Lyon.

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Information from the 88th ball, this match, PSG accept Clermont to 1 3/4 left according to the Asian rafters. That is not an easy odds for those who want to choose the upper door, especially when the statistics of 7m livescore are showing that PSG’s recent achievements in making money for players are not equal to Clermont.

Specifically, PSG only won the Asian match in 4 of the last 13 matches in all official arenas. Meanwhile, Clermont brings money back to those who place their bets on the Asian rafters in 7 of the last 13 official matches. Maybe this match, PSG with home field advantage will still win, but winning with a big difference is not easy for the Paris team.

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