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Aguero confirms the terms of leaving Barcelona because of Messi

Sergio Aguero joined Barcelona, ​​joining Barcelona in the summer transfer window on a free transfer after leaving Man City. Messi is one of the big reasons why the 33-year-old striker decided to return to Spain to play football.

However, Messi was unable to re-sign with Barcelona and joined PSG on a free transfer. This made Aguero said to be very angry and even demanded to cancel the contract immediately.

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There is no such thing as Aguero leaving Barcelona because of Messi

But the latest Aguero has confirmed that there is never a release clause just because of Messi’s departure: “I don’t understand why this is happening. When I signed, Messi was a free agent. They were close to signing a new contract but that didn’t happen.

When asked if he wanted to face Messi in the Champions League, Aguero added: “I’ve faced Messi, it would be great if that happens. We know that when Messi plays at his best, it’s impossible to stop him.”

Bolivia is the latest victim of Messi when El Pulga scored a hat-trick, thereby surpassing the scoring record for a South American national team that Pele once owned.

Aguero has signed a two-year contract with Barcelona but has yet to make his debut for the new team because of a calf injury that has not recovered. At the beginning of August, Barcelona said that the Argentine striker had to be out of action for about 10 weeks.

Aguero believes he can return soon: “I’m fine. No prediction on when I’ll be back but I’m making good progress and maybe I can shorten the recovery time.

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Aguero looks forward to his Barcelona debut

Although Barcelona no longer has Messi in the squad, Aguero still hopes the team can compete for titles. He added: “We have very good players. The players who left were important, but even so Barcelona still have others to replace.

We are Barcelona, ​​we have to fight for titles. I don’t think we are Champions League contenders, but our opponents always respect us.”

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