Stun Guns And Tasers – What Is The Difference?

Many people, including those in the news media, often mistakenly equate tasers and stun devices. While tasers are all stun devices all stun devices are not tasers; the two are nowhere near being equal. Here we will explain the difference between the two so you can decide which one you want for your self-defense and personal safety.

A stun gun is a handheld nonlethal self-defense weapon that is second only to pepper sprays in terms of popularity. An electrical charge that is high voltage and low amperage is conducted through two or more probes on one end of the device. The electrical charge short-circuits the body’s muscular system depleting the blood sugars so there is no energy left to do harm.

A stun gun must be applied to an assailant for 3 to 5 seconds in order for the effects to take place. It is on average close to 85% effective. The effects are not long-lasting and wear off after about five or 10 minutes, which is plenty long for a victim to escape and get help. Stun devices range in cost from just below $20 up to just under $50 each.

Tasers on the other hand shoot out two electrified darts up to 15 feet away for civilian models. The darts are connected to wires that are electrified with low-voltage and high amperage which gives it its stunning near 100% takedown rate. It has been rated to be more effective than a 9 mm handgun.

It uses neural muscular incapacitation (NMI) that temporarily overrides the command and control systems of the body to impair muscular control.

They also use a “sophisticated pulse wave that utilizes a high voltage leading edge to penetrate barriers such as clothing around the body followed by a lower voltage stimulation pulse to cause NMI.”

Tasers are so effective that they are used by 90% of the 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States and in at least 10 foreign countries. Next to pepper sprays, a taser is the primary nonlethal self-defense weapon for any law enforcement officer. How is that for an endorsement?

Tasers for civilians range in price from the low $400′s up to as much as $1,000.00.

As you can see, the differences between a stun gun and a taser are enormous in just about every category from price to effectiveness to size. The one you choose may save your life but certainly will be part of your personal safety.

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Self-Defense-The Most Powerful Stun Guns

You can say many things about technology, but one thing is for certain; it constantly improves our lives-sometimes at a dizzying pace. The self-defense products field is an excellent example.

In this article we will discuss what the most powerful stun guns are. As you will see, powerful stun guns have changed dramatically in the last decade. In this article we will discuss why and introduce you to the most powerful stun guns available today.

As recently as a decade ago the most powerful stun gun on the market was a 950,000 volt monster that was 9 inches tall. It had to be that big because it housed the batteries that were needed to create the power.

Advances in technology have made electroshock stun devices an effective tool for self-defense and personal safety. They are now smaller and much more powerful because of these advances.

By far the most powerful stun gun in the marketplace today is a 20,000,000 volt self-defense product. It comes in an assortment of colors including pink, black, purple and green. The stun device itself “has a rubberized armor coating that protects it and provides a firm grip in any weather conditions.” It utilizes a unique set of three points of contact which makes the stun device extremely effective, and as a bonus the triple arcs create a visual display, a bright electrical burst that has a louder and more intimidating sound than any competitor. It has a convenient slide out plug that allows for easy charging and eliminates the need for batteries. It also has the popular wrist strap disable pin. When properly worn, “should the stun device be taken away from you in a struggle the disable pin will disengage preventing the product from being used against you.”

Another popular model that is one of the most powerful stun guns is a 9.5 million volt personal safety product. Unlike most stun guns it does not have a built-in flashlight. It was removed to allow extra space for the rechargeable batteries. It also has a disable pin wrist strap feature and two levels of safety built-in. It comes with a lifetime warranty and includes a holster with belt loop and clip that looks like an ordinary cell phone holster.

As we mentioned, technology has allowed for huge advances in the capability of stun devices. They are smaller and more powerful than ever before. And as a bonus, they are cheaper making them a much more desirable self-defense product for personal safety.

This 20 million volt JOLT Stun Gun is the most powerful available in an ever-changing field.

Self-Defense Products Inc. has provided effective personal protection alarm and self-defense weapons such as pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, pepper mace, and other self-defense items as well as surveillance cameras and systems for home or business security to consumers nationwide.

One Physical Advantage Women Have Over Men

Middle school memories are a mostly faded now that I’m in mid-life. Or post mid-life. But 6th grade girls’ PE was memorable. Self-defense class was the highlight building up to the final week of “real-live practice” in which 6th grade boys got to raid our class (cross the black line in the center of the gym) and “attack” us from behind. It was nothing dramatic as they were only instructed to lock their arms around our waists or shoulders while we tried to struggle… I mean use our carefully memorized list of self-defense measures that we had learned the last 6 weeks. If a girl was able to get away before the stopwatch ticked 60 seconds, she got an A on the final. Pinching, scratching, head-butting, elbowing, wrestling, kicking, grabbing were all fair game. It was quite frustrating for the girls to observe and acknowledge that even though many of us were still taller than the boys, they were beginning to outmatch us in pure strength. No fair!

Fast forward to June 2014. America’s attention is turned to soccer – and Luis Suarez has become a household name, but not for noble reasons. Hi BIT another player in frustration when it looked like his country might not make it to the next stage. This was his 3rd biting offense on the pitch and yet he tried to deny it saying, “I lost balance, falling on my opponent with my mouth.” Right. Yet this proves he knows he did something outside what is socially acceptable. Even for soccer, an extreme contact sport where elbows, cleats, fingers, knees can and often are used as accidental weapons. But not TEETH. Suarez knows this; hence the lame excuse. Kindergartners know this. Millions of them watching from their own home exclaimed, “What?! He bit him?” Something visceral and nauseating awakens in our minds when we imagine one human being biting another.

Is this perhaps the reason that I don’t recall my P.E. teacher saying anything about biting being an effective or available self defense mechanism. And certainly none of the girls in our class tried this method – although some of the braver ones did knock the wind out of their perpetrators by a quick jab in tenders. But biting? No matter how many times I say that (5 times so far in this article) I still feel a bit nauseated at the idea of putting my teeth in contact with some stranger’s flesh, breaking skin, and then perhaps having to spit out blood before I run like the wind to safety.

Ironically though, biting is one of the only things a female can do that equalizes the playing field. Without being anti-feminist I think all of us agree that on average females can’t punch, kick, poke, grab, restrain with the same force as their average male counterparts. But, the strength of the human jaw? It’s a bit of a secret that women can bite 10% harder than men! Go back and re-read the last sentence. Why is it hen, that the one thing that gives women a fighting chance during a serious attack (generally from men) feels so… wrong? So… gross? So… inhuman and inhumane?

Suarez will be leaving Brazil and will not be allowed on any pitch for the next 4 months. He was also fined $100K. Presumably to make sure no soccer-loving kid would ever consider using this trick against an opponent. We know how those kids model everything they see on TV.

But if the soccer-loving kid happens to be female… should we inform her that someday, in the right context, biting might just save her life?

Can I Ask You a Question?

You have to make a decision that you were not prepared to make. This is what happens when a stranger contacts you to ask for help. It can happen anywhere, but when it happens face-to-face, it is a compelling situation. The stranger has inserted himself/herself into your life and he/she has taken an overt action to attempt to alter the course of your life briefly… or forever. What will you do?


The advantage is with the stranger. While you are unprepared for the encounter, the stranger has prepared, and is possibly well-prepared to overcome your hesitation. If this happens to you while you are alone, in a questionable location, or if you are vulnerable (injured, ill, pregnant, with a small child, tired, or other), you may have only seconds to do something to convince the stranger that you have deviated from his/her planned encounter with you. I will give you an example of a shift of advantage. I was half way home from an out-of-state business trip. I stopped to refuel my car at an auto/truck stop. While I was pumping gas, a young man came up behind me. As I turned to put the gas pump away, there he was, about six feet away. He said, “Can I ask you a question?” I had seconds to react. My thoughts were: He looks about mid-thirties, his appearance is rough, a little dirty, and he has two studs embedded in his lower lip. He was not rude or threatening with his question, but his eyes were locked on mine. He was serious about whatever it was that he wanted from me. My answer was this: “Sure. Go stand by the entrance of the store. We will walk inside and talk there.” I said that in a kind way, not threatening, but I left no room for debate.

Plan Changed

The stranger’s face changed to a bewildered look. His eyes dropped to stare at my feet. Now, he had seconds to react to something unexpected. He started to say something that sounded like an excuse of why he could not do what I asked him to do. Now, I had a better idea of what he was about. He did not want to go near to where the store manager was or where his face might be seen better and recorded by a camera. If he needed help, he might have gone directly to the store manager. Instead, he picked me out of a dozen travelers pumping gas. If he needed help, he would call his family, his friends, his co-workers. If he had no such people in his life, and was a traveler like me, why was it that he had no resources with him to get out of jam?

You Do Not Know

If you are a good person, the kind of person who believes in the better nature of humanity, a religious person who believes that God steers those in need to good people like you, or if you simply believe what people tell you, most likely, you are exactly who every stranger wants to meet in order to get whatever it is that they want. It may be that the stranger’s need for your help is genuine, that you can help, and that you may consider doing that to be one of the better moments of your life. You wouldn’t want to miss that moment, would you? Can you think of any reason why you could not have that happy experience inside the store? I couldn’t either. So, when the stranger offered me a lame excuse about why he could not do what I asked him to do, I said this, “Hey! Go over to the door and wait for me now.” He left. I watched him walk out to the road, stick out his thumb, and try to get departing truck drivers to give him a ride.

Tony is a writer, an author of several published novels, and an independent publisher. In September 2012, he wrote and published the first of a three-book drama series, “A Voice from New Mill Creek: The Methodists,” as an e-book. In April, 2013, he released his second e-book and first romance novel, “Goodnight Paige.” In July, 2013, Tony released a guidebook titled “How Tony Wrote and Published Two Novels.” In May 2014, he published “The Star of India,” the second novel in the Voice From New Mill Creek drama series.

Probing the Stalker Configuration

There are many dangerous situations in the world, but they can be successfully avoided if someone is careful and plots their course through life with a touch of wisdom and good common sense. However, there is one kind of danger that will follow you home and turn into a menacing nightmare, and that is when a complete stranger for some unforeseen reason develops an obsession over being in an intimate relationship with you.

Even when you do everything right, a stalker can end up at your door step. He’s the guy that dogs your trail everywhere you go, watches your house, sends you mysterious gifts, calls you constantly regardless of how many times you change your phone number, and even manages to invade your home when you’re gone. It’s a very frightening and emotionally draining situation to be in, which is what many women have experienced. Only recently have there been laws enacted to deal with stalker situations. Before that, nothing could be done legally until someone got hurt or killed.

It’s not fair to put the blame of the increase of stalker victims on things like the internet and online dating sites. Stalking has been around long before computers came along. Men begin to stalk women for a variety of different reasons, which makes it difficult to identify warning signs. Most of the time, women that are stalking victims have no idea of who the stalker is.

Those who become victims are chosen in certain ways, more at random. Sometimes it’s a certain look, or a resemblance to an imaginary “dream girl.” Stalkers may lock onto their victims at work, or even just by passing them on the street. It could be somebody that a woman actually went on a date with. Friendly women can attract a stalker through something as simple as a casual exchange of opinions at a checkout line in a supermarket or at a bank. This is what makes it so difficult for women to guard themselves from being snared as a victim. There’s just no way to identify the potential of someone who is driven by this kind of criminal conspiracy.

It is understandable that protecting yourself would be of foremost concern for anyone, which can be done in certain ways. First, it is important to be very careful about any strange men you might date. Someone who has been recommended by friends is always a better choice for dating, but that’s not always possible. Exercise an instinctive outlook for unusual details. While many men are clever at hiding their stalking inclinations, there are some that will give off inconspicuous warning signs. This includes such things as the fact that he turns up unexpectedly many times where you are, asks questions concerning the people in your life, mainly about guys, and gets upset or angry when you can’t go out with him. Of course, these may not always be stalker signals, but you probably wouldn’t want to get involved with someone like that in the first place.

Once you start receiving strange gifts, persistent phone calls and even see a man watching your home from across the street, don’t attempt to handle it by yourself. Alert the police immediately and get them involved. There are many states that now have officers who specialize in stalking situations and they’ll advise you of what you need to do. A restraining order may not be worth much as far as keeping the stalker away from you, but it’s still good to have one on file. That way, you can call the police whenever he violates it.

The smartest thing that you can do is listening closely to the instructions that the police give you and follow them exactly to the letter. However, there may be times when all you can do is take on a new identity and disappear by moving away; unless you’re bold enough to get a gun and learn how to shoot it.